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Employee relocation: what data reveals about global talent

How does employee relocation benefit your company? Top talent is moving fast and if you are not ready, they will be gone before you know it. But don’t worry, we have some tips. As the hyperconnected world economy becomes the reality of our time, new challenges and opportunities open up for organizations who are willing to evolve and enter the global talent arena. In this international environment, having a mobile workforce is crucial for organizations willing to establish themselves outside the borders of their home country. Relocating workers to a different geographical area is an effective solution to some of the common problems that companies face: opening a new office, filling an open po

Employee Dissatisfaction: Ways to Tackle

Every person wants to be happy and satisfied with their job and workplace, but not every employer could boast about the fact that they do everything possible to increase the satisfaction of their workers. And they can’t be blamed: increasing the satisfaction of workers requires significant and expensive resources. Don’t we all want high compensation and benefits, longer vacations, attention from colleagues and supervisors, and many other things? It seems almost impossible to meet all these requests. Yet, the satisfaction of employees is an important concern as it plays an overwhelming role in the success of the company. And here is some evidence. Why do we need to worry about satisfaction? A

Top soft skills you should look for when hiring!

For the average business, the estimated cost of creating a toxic work environment sits at around 90,000 dollars per bad hire, as estimated by Deloitte (2017) in a study carried out in Australia. Most HR departments know that selecting people with high cognitive abilities is no guarantee of hiring the right employees for your organization. The working office is a much more complex environment, one in which team dynamics and interpersonal skills are often topping the list of performance drivers. Selecting graduates with a high GPA or applicants with a high IQ does not prevent the creation of a dysfunctional workplace. This is the reason why the modern application process is not only aimed at m




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