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How much should you care about the university your applicants attended?

Attending top universities still matters Students struggling with challenging selection processes and paying hefty tuition fees know how important attending the right university is. In fact, a research conducted by the Institute for Fiscal Studies, Cambridge University, Harvard University, and the UCL Institute of Education in the UK found that attending a prestigious university is among the key determinants of financial success. Furthermore, robot readers and several application processes require candidates to have attended top universities. However, plenty of bright people can be found in “normal” universities as well. Including university requirements in screening makes the selection proc


There has been many debates around gender inequality in the workplace, but many people still don’t understand how to fully make sense of this problem. So, even if you have heard about gender inequality five times this week, it’s a topic worthy to discuss from a data perspective. Talent Data Labs has researched this pressing issue by using our wealth of talent data. Statistics show that highly educated women still earn 20% less than men. But knowing this number is not enough. We need to gain a fuller understanding of the problem of gender inequality and develop a plan of action. This article will reveal some facts that you may not know about workplace inequality and present which actions comp

Attracting global talent in the age of employee relocations

International status and a global stream of revenue are key goals of the modern company. Workforce mobility can allow an organization to meet such targets while making the most out of their talent pool at the same time. However, leaving the city and office where they are based is no easy choice for employees. Some weeks ago, we discussed how cultural and geographical factors play a role in shaping relocation decisions. But how do companies make sure that they are able to attract and retain workers with an international profile? The career goals of internationally-oriented talent We tried to answer this question by looking into our data. We found that mobile workers (i.e. those who are willin

Why development opportunities at work are more important than ever?

What do you think is the main reason why people usually quit or think about quitting the job? Crazy boss? Conflicts with co-workers? Low pay? No, no, and no. At Talent Data Labs, we analyzed data of more than two thousand professionals and found a very surprising insight. The main reason why employees want to leave their current workplace is a lack of development opportunities. This means that companies might not pay enough attention to learning and growing their workforce. We also find proof of this statement in our database: 20% of employees are extremely dissatisfied with the development opportunities at their current employers. So, how not to lose your employees? And which development op




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