Data : There are six areas we use that predict success really well.

We use high-quality data to give you actionable insights.

Get insights into:

  • Who’s most affected by working from home?
  • Cultural strengths and Weaknesses
  • Diversity and inclusion

Our Story

How to get started

Day 1


Risk analysis in our data & how do you benchmark against your competitors

Day 10

Predictive analysis

Most and least important variables to hire for and initial implementation

Day 100

Fully automated data

Fully automated (smart) data and analytics engine for your organization

Day 100+


Extract new opportunities for (human) resource allocation and innovation

Unbiased data

We guarantee a fair and data-driven approach to make you excel at talent analytics

The TDL method allows you to compare apples to apples but also gives you valuable insights in the main drivers of change in your organisation. With our software you will be able to present state-of-the-art analytics to your colleagues, easily identify strengths and weaknesses, and get actionable recommendations on high-potential opportunities.

Data analytics 93%
Machine learning and AI 95%
Assessments 85%
Content creation 70%
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