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How it all


TDL was found to help companies access & grow their people databases with smart extraction algorithms.


TDL added multi-measure assessments to generate additional high value data.


TDL added recommendations and learning algorithms for organizations to predict & influence performance.


Since 2021 we have been working hard on HRM and ATS features to make the TDL suite a single source of all your HR decisions.

Unbiased data

The TDL method allows you to compare apples to apples but also gives you valuable insights in the main drivers of change in your organisation. With our software you will be able to present state-of-the-art analytics to your colleagues, easily identify strengths & weaknesses, and get actionable recommendations on high-potential opportunities.

We guarantee a fair &data-driven approach to make you excel at talent analytics

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We optimize - Effectively - The ability for people of any background to join and participate in seemingly distant and difficult industries and we walk them through the required steps to put them on par with any other applicants. We also use our data to showcase the successes of people like them in these categories. We can even reach and support people with disabilities and other distances from the labor market.

With our network of workplaces that are trying to go into zero-emission versions of for example steel (h2green) or concrete (geopolymer solutions) we can effectively divert high-capacity and high-demand resources (talent) into these fields.

Our algorithms help people and companies to find each other regardless of elemental differences such as macroeconomic background, race, gender, age, culture, or even education.

We can prevent burnout through effective training and development programs that start with early onset symptom identification and resolution.

Our database allows for optimizing supply and demand inside and outside of the union.

We have already proven to be able to instigate talent from all sorts of backgrounds to make a step in a different direction such as tech. We can scale this as a service.

Meet The Team

Stefan Van Tulder

Founder Background In Quantitative Science Ex: Google Founder: Boetekwijt.nl

Peter Faasse

Data Scientist Background In Psychology Founder: Dataska Specialised In Data Engineering

Poey Lam

Growth And Biz Dev Advisory Background In Business Founder: Bowls & Sticks Specialised In Entrepreneurship

Zanyu Ang

Co-Director TDL Singapore Background In Business Ex: KPMG Talent Analytics Expert

Fredrik Niemela

Core Tech Advisor PhD In Computer Science Ex: Spotify Founder: Kattis

Milos Zarkovic

Head Of Product Background In Computer Science Ex: Marktplaats System Development Expert

Bojan Zarkovic

Product Developer Background In Computer Science Ex: Casino System Development Expert

Aleksandar Krasic

Product Developer Background In Computer Science

Karla Borrallo

Senior UX Designer Background In Design and Art Oracle

Bob Chia

Commercial Lead SG Engineering & Business HP, Canon

Dimitrios Bizopoulos

Data Science Lead Computer Science Relink, PAS Neural Networks

Bobby Lee Houtkoop

Team Efficiency Psychologist Psychology University of Amsterdam, Free University Psychology

Artemis Kloni

Client Success Manager Rescue Climbing