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Flight Risk

Indicates >70% higher probability to quit their job or disengage if no actions are taken. Based on the leaving behavior of over 50 million people.

Promotion Index

The AI indicates that this person has not been promoted at a reasonable time in comparison to their fellow employees or their peers*.

Burnout Risk

An increased risk indicates a much higher chance of this person becoming mentally and socially exhausted and eventually burning out.

Work From Home

This index signifies that someone has many profile variables that make them a bad fit for working from home and risk negative effects.

Measure What

Use multi-measure assessment and personalized reports to predict behavior that matters.

Discover Your Personality
  • Information
  • Hard & Soft Skills
  • Past Behavior
  • Personal Goals
  • Cultural Preferences
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Personality Attributes
  • Team Work

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ROI (Return On Investment)

Only the right people analytics will move your organization forward consistently

3X ROI in talent
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Use our self-learning
tools to build valuable databases & make smart data-driven decisions


We supply your organization with ready-made data benchmarks so you can instantly get started.

Our adaptive algorithms also allows you to directly identify local issues in your organization. It can be used to identify opportunities or instantly find matching talent or suggestions of a staff reorganization.


Users are in complete control of their data. They decide who gets to see their information and remove it at any point.

We take maximum effort to comply with all local and global standards such as PDPA and GDPR. Users take an assessment only once and then can share their results if they want.


Using scientific methods we identify features for talent in your organization that predicts performance well.

With 'success profiles' we can optimize performance over cost. Or any other locally available metric through a series of scientific and reinforcement learning sources.

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